Words of Wisdom from the Siren Stylists

Certified Hair Extensions Stylists in VA Beach


Old Money Blonde Hair Color

Old money blonde is not just any color. It's classy and refined. It's not the blondest and brightest in the room, but it speaks volumes.

Change It Up with Clip-In Hair Extensions

These versatile strands of glam are the silent champions in a woman's beauty tool kit. Ever wonder what clip in extensions could do for you?

Now Offering Jon Renau Toppers & Wigs

We now carry Jon Renau at the salon! Jon Renau makes high-quality hair pieces known for fit and style. Their selection of sizes, colors, textures, and lengths is unmatched.

The Chemical Free Balayage

The most sought-after balayage shades are available with hair extensions. A chemical free balayage gives you no-fade color plus more hair!

Summer Care for Your Hair Extensions

Guide to Summer Care for Hair Extensions in VA Beach How to enjoy the outdoors without damaging your hair...

Hair Loss? Or Is It Hair Breakage?

Do you notice your hair falling out? It may not be hair loss, it could be hair breakage. The reasons may surprise you.

Beaded Row Techniques for Hand Tied Wefts

When applying hand tied weft extensions, we use a beaded row, but are they all the same? Learn the different ways we attach and complete the beaded row.

Covid Hair Loss

I’ve met several women recently who were distraught over losing hair by the handful months after a covid infection. Can these women use hair extensions to conceal your temporary hair loss? As a master extensions stylist, here's my professional opinion.

Year of the Brunette

A client recently asked me for my outlook on the latest hair looks and styles...

HairTalk Hair Extensions for the Holidays

Holiday Fun with HairTalk Hair Extensions Depending on your plans, there is a perfect-fit hair extension to take you from Halloween to New Year's Day with the lineup of top quality human hair extensions by HairTalk...

How much do hair extensions cost?

"How much do hair extensions cost in Virginia Beach?" Understanding which factors influence the price of your new extensions...

Maintenance and Move Ups

"Hair Extensions Maintenance and Move Ups" by the Siren Stylist in VA Beach How to Maximize the Life of Your Hair Extensions and Protect the Health of Your Hair So, you've got a new set of hair extensions...

Journey to Blonde Hair

The journey to bright blonde or platinum will require some patience! Here is everything you need to know about going blonde, including the techniques, real before/afters, the actual cost and the required maintenance.

Caring for Your Hair Extensions

At Home Care for Your Hair Extensions Congratulations on your new set of Hair Extensions! Now let's cover the basics on how to wash and wear these beauties...

Tidy Cut: Midway Maintenance for Fusion Extensions

As my hair extensions clients can attest, I am fanatical about maintenance. You've just invested in gorgeous hair, make it last with a midway salon visit.