Beaded Row Techniques for Hand Tied Wefts

hidden beaded row weftsLet’s clarify the most common application techniques used for hand tied hair extensions - there are several similar sounding methods. These application methods are tried and true, and each one has its advantages. Most people don't realize that application method is independent of the type or make of the hair itself. We can take any brand of hair, whether from HairTalk or CocoMarie, and use the method that best suits the client’s hair.

Hand tied extensions are one of the most popular types of installs that we do. They are very natural-looking and our clients love them. When investigating hand tied extensions, most people come across a reference to beaded rows, but are they all the same?

As hair extensions technicians, we have different ways to approach the beaded row, attach and complete them. We have to consider our shared goals:

  • A beautiful, natural look
  • Extensions that are comfortable and safe for your hair
  • Bonds that stay in place and endure daily wear
  • Attachments that stay hidden, no one needs to know you’re wearing extensions!

Depending on your hair density and texture, we adapt our beaded row technique to give you the best result.

Classic Beaded Row

classic beaded row exampleThe classic beaded row method, also referred to as a natural beaded row, uses pre-strung rows. Our attachment points, or beads, are already connected and uniformly spaced on nylon string. The beaded row is first connected to your natural hair, then wefts of hair are sewn on top of each bead. As one of their official educators, I can tell you that the classic beaded row is HairTalk’s preferred method. It may have a sightly longer application time initially, but there is an advantage later on. Every 4-6 weeks, we do a routine maintenance, moving up the attachments closer to the scalp.  With a pre-strung application, we can alternate between a quick move-up and a complete move up, saving you time in the chair.

The Classic Beaded Row is ideal for people with normal hair density and medium to coarse texture.

  • Optimal balance of weight
  • Beads stay in place
  • Bonds are invisible

For those with super fine hair, we may recommend one of the other techniques.

Waterfall Beaded Row

waterfall beaded row method hand tied wefts VA beachKnown as WBR for short, the waterfall beaded row method gets its name from the flowing style of the waterfall braid. We create a channel of beads strung together by your natural hair. We literally create a cascading chain of beads from temple to temple around your head, then sew a weft of hair onto each bead. What if you have short hair? Don’t worry, we don’t need a long strand, as long as your hair is at least 3 inches long, we can use it to link your beads. And because we're not using pre-strung rows, we have total flexibility over the placement of the beads. A waterfall beaded row installation will require a complete remove and re-install every 4-6 weeks.

A Waterfall Beaded Row is a great choice for straight, fine or delicate hair

  • Better weight distribution for delicate hair
  • Less slippage if you have super fine hair
  • Better coverage of the bonds for thinner hair types

We find that coarse or curly hair are better suited with the classic beaded row.

Invisible Beaded Row

invisible beaded row application va beachAlso called a concealed beaded row, this high-coverage method was developed for women who wanted the option of wearing their hair up without risk of revealing their secret! Like the WBR method, there are no pre-strung rows. The beads are applied and instead of the traditional method where wefts are stacked on top of the beads, wefts are placed top and bottom, sewn together by sandwiching the beads making them completely concealed! An invisible beaded row installation will require a complete remove and re-install every 4-6 weeks.

  • Ideal for ponytails and upstyles
  • Ideal for fine hair due to the added volume from the double wefts

This is a great method for those who love to wear their hair up. It's even ideal for thinning hair or for those who like to add some guts to their style. But if we're worried about pouf or too much volume, we would opt for the classic method. 

Concerned about bulk? I have options! Depending on your hair type, I may use the Coco Marie Envy Wefts which are more flat and discreet than other hand tied wefts. If you're worried about too much bulk, we'll talk more about this method in your consultation.

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