Old Money Blonde Hair Color

old money blonde hair color

It's classy, elevated, and has a way of making you feel like you're a member of high society even if that's far from reality. Old money blonde is not just any shade of blonde. It's a statement, a shade that stands apart as refined and elegant. It's not always the blondest and brightest in the room, but it speaks volumes.

What is Old Money Blonde Hair Color?

Old Money Blonde is not about flashy highlights, trendy placement, or bold contrasts. It's not a about an overly-rooted look either, it's more of a blended look with warmth. Warmth doesn't mean you'll have a golden hue, we're talking about warmth as in natural radiance, the kind the comes with generational wealth.

Think soft, buttery tones with hints of caramel and honey, delicately woven together. This is not "bling-y blonde" – it's richer, warmer, and exudes a sense of understated luxury. It's warmer, possibly darker with brightness around the face, slightly rooted, and very easy to maintain.

One of the defining characteristics of Old Money Blonde is a mix of tones, usually with a brighter hairline, and a natural-looking golden glow. Your version of old money blonde will depend on where you're starting point is, and lean warm without being yellow, or lean cool. The real key to getting the perfect old money shade of blonde is to make it look as natural blonde as possible.

Try Old Money Blonde with a Root Melt

One way to achieve this look without heavy contrast and more of a glow is to do a root melt and maybe even a toner. A root melt is a single process color that we apply at the roots only after we do any lightening, as a way to blur the transition at the roots.  This gives your blonde pieces that little pop of radiance. With this technique, you will have a very blended effect and even the critical eye will never be absolutely sure where your roots end, or where your highlights start, like you're looking at your hair through a filter. That's the look of old money blonde!

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