Get the perfect hair replacement solution for you, whether you are growing your hair, have thinning hair, or no hair at all. Wigs have changed SO much, there's no need to suffer with an uncomfortable or unnatural looking piece. I can help you find the perfect wig, get you properly sized and style it for you. And even if you purchased your wig elsewhere, if you need help getting the perfect look, come see me.


Let me help you find the best wig for you.

As a Certified Wig Expert, I have helped so many women find the perfect wig. I work with many different types and brands of wigs so I can guide you to the one that will work for YOU.  After 10+ years of experience, I've learned the important factors to finding a wig - and a look -  that you love.

I work with both human hair wigs and heat defiant synthetic wigs. I admit, I prefer to work with human hair wigs, but there are advantages to a synthetic wig.  Synthetic hair wigs are not what they once were, so keep an open mind.  Today's synthetic wigs are of exceptional quality and style.

Before we go further, let's get this out of the way. You don't have to shave your head. You can keep your hair. No bonding or glue is required. So relax and read up on the latest in wigs.

How to choose a good wig

Remember this - the best wig is the one that works for YOU.  It's not all about the cost, although your budget does play a role.  There are several factors to consider when selecting your wig, which is why I offer a free wig consultation.  In a private setting, we'll talk through what really matters when selecting a wig.

  • Lifestyle. I'll ask you questions about how frequently you like to change your style and how much time you plan to dedicate to styling your hair each morning.  Some wigs require more daily attention than others.
  • Length. For practical reasons, the length of your style matters.  Styles above the shoulders have less rubbing and tugging on clothing, jewelry and outerwear. Shorter styles tangle less during day to day activities or when spending time outdoors.
  • Color. Wigs come in ALL different colors, even vivid fashion colors. Depending on your desired color, some wigs may be better suited than others.
  • Budget. There is a wig for every budget and I'll make it look fabulous.

Human Hair Wigs vs Synthetic Hair Wigs

When it comes to the hair, quality goes a long way.  The better the quality of the hair, the longer it will last.  Here are the key advantages and limitations of human hair wigs vs wigs made of synthetic fiber.

Human Hair Wigs

  • Longer lifespan than synthetic wigs
  • Less tangling
  • Styling your wig will be familiar, including blow drying, curling, flat iron etc.
  • Can be custom colored at the salon

The flip side: Your human hair wig will need to be styled each day. Just like your natural hair, it looses its style when washed.  It can frizz on a humid day. And even though it can be custom colored, grey hair is very difficult to replicate. If you want an all grey hair style, you should consider a synthetic wig.

How much does a human hair wig cost?

Price ranges can vary from $500 to $5,000 for a quality human hair wig. I can help you navigate the differences and find one within your preferred price range.

Heat Defiant Synthetic Wigs

  • Made with the best fibers available
  • Looks and feels like a human hair wig
  • Can be styled, including blow drying, curling, flat iron etc.
  • Style has "memory" so its style returns after washing

The flip side: You'll be instructed on how to style your wig without damaging the fibers. It will take some practice but you will build skill over time. The lifespan will be less than a human hair wig.

Traditional Synthetic Hair

  • Inexpensive
  • Can be natural looking
  • Style has "memory" so its style returns after washing

The flip side: Unless the fibers are heat defiant, styling options are limited for a traditional synthetic wig. They cannot be heat styled - not even dried with a blow dryer - and even opening a hot oven should be avoided. The fibers on a traditional synthetic wig can easily singe. It is possible to fix a singed wig with a steam treatment, but this should be done at the salon to avoid further damage.

How much does a synthetic wig cost?

Price ranges can vary from from like $150-$500 for synthetic wig. I can help you navigate the differences and find one within your preferred price range.

Proper Fitting Wig

Comfort is everything. If you're constantly tugging and adjusting, you won't feel confident in your wig. It's important to have your wig correctly sized to sit comfortably on your head. Snug enough to stay in place, airy enough to feel natural. And let's face it, a natural looking hairline is essential! Your wig needs to lay flat around the face and have those little wispy baby hairs. No bulky hairlines!

Let's get started. Here's how it works.

Step 1


We meet in a private salon setting. We'll talk about your lifestyle, the look you have in mind and your lifestyle. I'll take some measurements and have you try on some caps.  To book a wig consult appointment, keep scrolling!

Step 2


I'll tell you exactly how much your wig will cost.  When you're ready, I'll get the exact style, color and size you need, and if we don't have it in stock, I'll order it. Most orders will arrive at the salon within 1-2 weeks. 

Step 3


I'll have you come for your first wig service. I'll take your new wig and put it on for you. I'll transform it into the style we discussed, define your part, make any face framing adjustments and give it those wispy baby hairs.

Watch my video about Wig Hair Types

Book a Private Wig Consultation - it's FREE.

Let's talk openly about your hair replacement options. We'll chat one-on-one about the look you want and I'll walk you through your different options. Depending on your hair, I'll suggest the best type of hair replacement for you, or maybe even a combination.

Human Hair

Heat Defiant Synthetic Wig

Clip in Hair Pieces & Toppers

Tape in Extensions by HairTalk

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Let's Talk About You!

If you have purchased a quality wig somewhere else and are still not happy with it, come in for a consultation to see if I can restyle it for you.

I love Caitlin!!! I recently got hand tied weft extensions installed and she blended them to PERFECTION! I have never gotten more compliments on my hair than now! She gave me great advice and guidance on how to care for them and she is so easy to talk to (being that hair takes a long time sometimes!). She answered every single one of my 1000 questions I had w patience. She is my new hair woman & I hope she never leaves!