Chemo Girls Hair Extensions are now offered at Siren Stylist in VA Beach.

The Chemo Girls line of micro fusion hair extensions, developed by Jon Richards, was specifically designed for those looking for a hair replacement solution post-chemotherapy. But these fusion extensions are quire different than standard fusions or keratin bond extensions, and so is the application. Caitlin spent a weekend in Minnesota training one-on-one with Jon Richards to get certified in this application, which can work on new hair growth as short as 2 inches!

-Caitlin & Kristen

How is Chemo Girls different?

chemo girls extensions before and after chemo girls processChemo Girls Hair Extensions is a solution for full head hair loss, without the use of wigs or hair pieces. Once hair starts to return, people have an options that will work with their delicate new growth. About 2 inches of growth is all that's needed. Caitlin has done post-chemo hair extensions before using fusion extensions, but this line of micro strands creates even better results. The hair slices are smaller than keratin bond extensions, and they're not pre-bonded. In fact, the bonds, made of tree sap, are added during application. They can be made very small and they are transparent. So no matter what color your hair is, they'll blend right in.

For hair extensions artists like us, here are the most revolutionary features of Chemo Girls Hair Extensions:

  • Organic bonds are tiny, gently, and long lasting
  • Tiny slices of hair means we can really balance weight and volume distribution
  • 3 months between maintenance appointments
  • Hair can be removed and reapplied
  • Hair lasts up to 1 year


Chemo Girls hair extensions come pre-colored in a beautiful color palette of 40+ shades. And because the individual slices of hair are so tiny, we can really play with multiple colors to mimic the highlights and lowlights of your natural hair.


Chemo Girls Hair Extensions come in two textures. Strands are either super straight or curly. Some people notice as their hair returns, they suddenly have texture. We call this phenomenon "chemo curl." When selecting the hair for your extensions, we can either match your new texture or go with straight hair.


The strands are available in several lengths. When we order your hair, we'll talk about what type of style you'd like to wear long term, since this hair will last for a year. As your natural hair regrows, we'll adjust your extensions every three months to move them closer to the scalp. So as your own hair grows, your extensions will get shorter.

14", 18", 20" and 22" lengths available

Chemo Girls Application

Chemo Girls uses an all extensions application, no wigs or hair pieces. Because the bonds are made out of organic tree sap, the application and removal of the hair is gentle and super safe on delicate new growth. Plan to spend some time in the chair for this application. Because of the delicate slices of hair, and a full head, it could take around 8 hours. If a typical hair extensions application used about 4 rows of hair, a full head post-chemo could take 20 rows! We are attaching hundreds of strands, literally!


We'll have you come back to the salon to adjust your extensions every three months. We'll remove them and reposition them higher,  closer to the scalp. Unlike standard fusion extensions which can't be reapplied, these beauties can be reused multiple times!

Chemo Girls Cost

When it comes to the initial cost of Chemo Girls extensions, perhaps think long term. The upfront cost will include the cost of the hair and the first application - a full day in the chair. But bear in mind that your maintenance appointments will go faster and that the hair can be reused multiple times. You'll get a full year out of your hair investment with Chemo Girls. Traditional fusion extensions last for 3-4 months tops.

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These are some of the MOST challenging applications we have ever seen. The short starting length of the hair, the amount of hair placed, and the beautiful results. Videos and photos shown below are from Jon Richards himself, creator of Chemo Girls hair extensions.

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