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Tape In Hair Extensions Maintenance

If this is your first set up tape-ins, you're going to love them.  They are easy to care for and your hair gets a lot of bang for the buck. But if you want to wear them for the max amount of time, you need to come in the salon at regular intervals. Before you leave the salon, you'll want to find a date about 6 weeks out that works for you.  You can go anywhere from 4-8 weeks, but 6 weeks is the average.

My Tape In Maintenance Service

What happens at your tape in visit? It's more than just a checkup. I need to remove your tape in extensions and reposition them since your hair has grown out.  I start by applying a special solution (I like HairTalk Remove) to dissolve the adhesive and carefully slide out each band of hair. I clean off the band and apply new tape. Then I shampoo your head with a clarifying shampoo, twice for good measure.  After a blow dry, I reapply your hair extensions, positioning them back where they started - close to the scalp. Then I give your hair a quick trim, a dusting of the ends to remove any tails or corners to keep your styling looking natural. Then I style your hair for the perfect finish.

  • 6 week intervals over the life of the extensions
  • Hair can be re-applied as described 3-5 times before a new set is needed.

Hand Tied Weft Maintenance

Hand tied wefts can keep up with an active lifestyle, but they are a bit more involved to maintain and "move up" because of the installation components.  Remember, there is a beaded row which provides the foundation, then wefts of hair are sewn on with nylon string. At your first maintenance appointment, I adjust your beaded rows to reposition them closer to the scalp. By the second maintenance visit, I'll need to completely replace them.   

My Hand Tied Weft Maintenance Service

Quick Move Up-Your first move up appointment, after about 4-5 weeks, will be an express one. I'll go row by row, open the beads, gently slide them up closer to the scalp, and close.  It doesn't take that long, I promise.  Once I've got all your wefts repositioning, I'll wash and blowdry your hair.  Usually, I can get you in and out in about an hour.

Full Move Up-You're next maintenance appointment will be due 6 weeks later. I'll do a full move up. I wish i could do the quick move up every time, but by this point, the nylon string is worn. And once those tiny beads are opened and closed once, they won't tolerate a second time.  So we do a full remove and replace. I'll replace each row with a fresh beaded row, then sew your wefts back on with fresh nylon string. I'll shampoo and blow dry your hair, and give your hair a tiny trim to keep the ends looking fresh.

Your next visit will be a quick move up, and so on, until the hair needs to be replaced.

  • Varying intervals of 4-6 weeks
  • Alternate between a quick and full move up
  • Repeat up to 6 months

Fusion Extensions Maintenance

tidy cut hair extensions maintenance siren stylistFusion extensions are known for their minimal in salon maintenance. Because they are attached to the hair using low heat and a keratin bond, they are a one-time wear. The good news is that those tiny beads are built to last, so you can keep your fusions in place for a long time before you need to remove them.  You will need to come in for a maintenance appointment at about the 6-8 week mark - but there is only one! We call it the midway maintenance.

My Fusion Midway Tidy Cut

This maintenance appointment is not a move up, it's a check up with some clean up.  I will inspect your bonds and make sure there are no tangles are matting.  I know it's hard for you to see what's going on in the back of your head so I give it a close inspection. 

Then I will trim away any shed hair that is still hanging around. It's normal for hairs that have shed to get trapped in the bond, so I will trim them away. I call this a tidy cut. Proper routine brushing will certainly reduce this, but there are always some that stay behind, usually on the back of the head. 

In this photo, you can see the bonds with trapped hairs in the top picture, which look much better once trimmed away in the bottom picture.

After a bond inspection, I'll shampoo and blow dry your hair, which will give us a chance to talk about next steps. You're halfway through the life of your extensions at this point, so we can talk about your next set or removal.

  • Half way visit around 6-8 weeks
  • Return 6-8 weeks later for removal or new set

Maintenance for Clip Ins and Toppers

Clip ins and toppers are super easy because they are not attached long term. Because you take them out before bathing and sleeping, there is less wear and tear. And no in-salon maintenance is required! However if any of the tiny clips become loose, please call the salon. I can tighten or reattach the clips and, if your piece is made of natural hair, I can refresh it with a shampoo and style.  The same goes for clip in extensions.  If your piece is made of synthetic hair, I can refresh it with a steam treatment.  Can you believe that? Actually, steaming is great way to remove any frizz from synthetic hair! 

  • No in-salon maintenance needed
  • Refresh as needed
  • Secure clips should they become loose