Guide to Hair Color by Caitlin Essing, VA Beach Hair Color Expert

Learn about hair color, my expertise and what I can do for your style!

Bring your style to life with hair color, with or without hair extensions. Highlights, lowlights and hand painting / balayage can  have a big impact on your look.  And fun, vibrant color, don't get me started! I absolutely LOVE the way hair color can add personality to a style, brighten the complexion and even take years off of one's appearance. I'm obsessed with the latest trends and I'm trained in all the latest hair color techniques.  At Tousle by Dupré, I use Redken for the best professional lighteners, developers and pigments.

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Highlights and Lowlights - Foil Technique

When it comes to highlights, the foil technique may be the traditional option, but I'm still crazy about it.  Adding blonde highlights to already blonde hair, adding caramel highlights to brunette hair, adding red highlights to black hair - I just love it.  Highlights have a way of accenting the natural curves of your face in a way that is super flattering.  Lowlights - adding accents a step or two darker than your natural color - add warmth and dimension to your color.  Highlights with lowlights create that classy shade of blonde hair that says I was born with it

Brunettes, if you’re looking for a way to change up your look with out completely giving up being a brunette, some soft hand painted highlights are always nice like I did here. As a lifelong brunette, I feel that as long as I have my dark base showing around my face, I can add dimension from mid-shaft to my ends and still feel brunette! 

highlights and lowlights caitlin essing VA Beach

Balayage Highlights- Hand Painting Technique

I've lived in Michigan, Colorado and now Virginia and no matter where I go, Balayage is here to stay. Balayage is the new age of highlights.  Yes, foil highlights and balayage both involve lightener and a paint brush, but the technique is different. With a  balayage, I paint sections of hair using a 3D approach, selectively grazing the top, bottom or sides, to duplicate the effect of light cascading on the hair. The lightener I use is different and so is the processing time, so the overall effect is different.  If you're a traditional highlights person, I highly recommend that you try balayage at least once!

brunette balayage

Ombre Hair

Ombre Hair is that look of dark roots with lighter ends. Or it can be the reverse, lighter roots and length that ends in darker tips, creating a look as if the ends of your hair were dipped in color.  Some people call it the dip-dye look, others call it a color melt because of the way one shade seems to roll into the next.  I've created all kinds of ombre hair looks, from blonde and brunette ombre looks to fun ombre hair with vibrant color.

Hair extensions are a great way to add fun pops of color without the commitment.  I have several different types of extensions that offer fun fashion colors and ombre effects.

transform your look with hair extensions

Blonding, Platinum Blonde and Extreme Lightening

Whether you want to be a subtle blonde or a platinum blonde, I can create the right shade of blonde hair for you.  Full on platinum blonde is not for everyone, and it requires a commitment to maintain it.  However, there are so many shades on the blonde spectrum, I'm certain that once we talk about the look you want, I can make you the blonde you want to be. I'll take into account your eye color and skin tone and propose some options from all over blonde, rooted blonde with highlights, butter blonde, icy blonde and the list goes on.  The key is to create a shade a blonde that works on YOU.

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Grey Hair Color & Grey Coverage

Yes, grey is a color. You may view your grey hair as lacking color, but to a stylist, grey is a beautiful color, but it does have its challenges. Whether you want to wash away your grey or let it grow in, I can help. Do you want to conceal your grey hair?  I might propose an all over single process color. Are you okay with some  grey showing? If you have a lot of natural pigment left in your hair, I might suggest adding highlights. If the majority of your hair is grey, and if you're tired of coloring it, I say go for it. Grey hair can be stunning! I'll show you how to style your grey hair and keep the color looking clear and bright.

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Hair Color Correction

If you've had a hair color mishap, either at your own hand or at another salon, I am here to help. Perhaps you've been using box dye to color your hair, or you've over exposed your highlights on vacation. I have extensive training on how to remove unwanted color, tone down brassy shades, transition you from a vivid color to a natural shade, or blend away massive root regrowth. Hair color correction and color balancing can be a process. I can get your hair color back to gorgeous, but it may not be achievable all in one appointment. Be patient and trust the process.  And if I recommend a bond builder like Olaplex to protect your hair during the multiple steps of color correction, please consider it.

hair color correction plus extensions for fullness

Hair Color for Wigs & Hair Pieces

Regardless of where you purchased your piece, I'm happy to style and color it for you!  If your wig, topper or other hair piece is made out of quality human hair, then most likely I can color it or highlight it for you. I suggest you come in for a free consultation to be sure.

Hair Color for Your Hair Extensions

Even if I didn't do your hair extensions installation, I'm happy to maintain them and your hair color! Hair extensions made from human hair may be colored during your installation service, but there are limits depending on the type of extensions and quality of hair used. In most cases, I can touch up your roots and freshen up your highlights.  On this lovely guest, I added hair extensions along with some highlights around the face.  Please read my Guide to Hair Extensions to see which types of extensions can be colored. 

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