Looking for a hair extensions salon in the VA Beach area?

We have over 10 years of experience in hair extensions and offer a variety of brands and methods in order to have a solution to fit your lifestyle and budget. Here is a run down of all the hair enhancement and hair replacement solutions that we offer.

Caitlin & Kristen

Certified Hair Extensions Stylists, Master Educator for HairTalk, Great Lengths Certified

Your Guide to the Different Types of Hair Extensions

Tape in Hair Extensions

25 in hairtalk platinum blonde tape in extensions
25 in Platinum Tape ins

Sometimes referred to as seamless extensions, tape in extensions are pre-taped hair wefts that are attached by “sandwiching” your hair in between two pieces near the scalp using a hypoallergenic, water- tight adhesive. They lie flat to the head and will mimic natural hair as they grow out because they are lightweight and very gentle on the hair, tape in extensions are a great solution for fine or thin hair, or hair that is brittle or damaged

Benefits of Tape In Extensions

  • Lightweight, comfortable, never bulky
  • Gentle application, safe for delicate hair
  • Easy to install so there is minimal application time
  • Bands in 3 sizes from .4 inches to 1.6 inches, with and without skin weft options, give us maximum flexibility as we work

Brands We Use:

We love the flexibility and quality of HairTalk Hair Extensions, the sister brand of HotHeads.  They are made of 100% remy virgin hair that mimics European hair and come in a variety of pre-colored shades, widths and lengths. With proper care, each application lasts 6 to 8 weeks and allows for up to 3 re-applications for a total of 5 to 6 months of wear.

To Color or Not to Color?

Although these extensions are made from human hair, they cannot handle extreme lightening so we prefer to color match your natural hair as a good starting point, then add highlights or all over color from there.

Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions

hand tied weft extensions Caitlin E VA BeachThe term hand tied extensions can have varied meanings. The hand tied extensions that we use can be either hand-finished vs machine finished, and they attach to the hair using a hidden beaded row method. A base row is created using beads and string, making a solid foundation with minimal points of contact,  then wefts are attached to the beads using a needle and thread. Hand tied hair extensions are extremely gentle can be applied on most hair types ranging from fine to thick hair.

Benefits of Hand Tied Extensions

  • Lightweight, even with extra length and volume
  • No matting or tangling
  • Minimal points of contact and maximum fullness

Brands We Use:

We absolutely LOVE the Hand Tied Weft Extensions from HairTalk (formerly HotHeads.) They are available in varied densities which allows us to really customize your look.  They are 100% Remy human hair in lengths up to 22 inches, and are pre-colored in 23 shades. Their hand finished wefts are super lightweight and discreet. Their machine finished wefts pack twice the volume of a hand finished weft, yet they are still light and airy. Because they are machine finished, the weft itself can also be cut and split to into smaller sections. The extra density lets us use fewer wefts per row around the sides and back of head, making the application process easier and faster. 

We also use Coco Marie Hair Extensions, a brand of human hair weft extensions from Denver, Colorado. They are available in lengths up to 28 inches in a beautiful color palette of pre-colored shades.

To Color or Not to Color?

We customize by matching your hair and desired color the 23 shades (which includes naturals, blondes, rooted shades and balayage) or can custom color the extensions if necessary.

Fusion Hair Extensions

22 in fusion hair extensions
22 in Great Lengths

Fusion extensions, also called strand by strand extensions, are best for medium to thicker hair. Using a strand-by-strand method, individual pieces of hair are attached to your natural hair, allowing us to add volume and length exactly where we need. Using low heat, these extensions are fused to the natural hair using a special tool and a tiny keratin bond. This is one of the most customizable hair extensions methods available.

Benefits of Fusion Extensions

  • Discreet bonds that are nearly invisible
  • Minimal in-salon maintenance
  • Ideal for adding extended length

Brands We Use:

When it comes to fusion extensions, we use the top of the line like Great Lengths and HairTalk's New Keratin Bond collection. These quality fusion hair extensions are made of premium hair from India, double drawn for consistent strand thickness, uniform cuticle direction so hair behaves like natural hair. They offer the widest range of lengths, up to 25" long. With proper care, these extensions can be worn for 4 to 6 months with minimal in salon maintenance!  However, once they are removed, they cannot be reapplied.

To Color or Not to Color?

Because of the premium quality and wide variety of colors, we'll match your extensions to your hair color for the perfect blended finish. If needed, we can always custom color the extensions darker bur never lighter. We prefer to avoid excessive lightening of the extensions.

Clip In Hair Extensions

short hir with clip hair extensions siren stylist VA beachClip-in extensions, also called Hairband extensions and Halo extensions,  are an increasingly popular and versatile solution that you put on yourself and take out at the end of the day. They are great addition to your hairstyle for a weekend getaway, a wedding updo, or anytime you want to look fabulous. They are designed for short term wear so you remove them before swimming, bathing and before going to bed. With proper care, your clip in extensions will last a long time. We'll install your clip ins for the first time and trim them to blend them into your own hair. Then we'll show you how easy it is to take them out and put them back in. 

Benefits of Clip In Extensions

  • Instant bangs without cutting
  • Add a ponytail to shorter hair
  • Add pops of color or highlights without changing your own hair
  • Wear fancy up styles without the daily maintenance of longer hair
  • Ideal for all hair types
  • Easy in, easy out without a trip to the salon
  • Temporary style, no commitment

Brands We Use:

When it comes to clip in extensions, it's worth investing in better quality hair vs what you can pickup at the local beauty supply outlet. We like to use HairDo by HairUWear, a Great Lengths brand, as well as HairBand by HairTalk. These two top quality brands give us total flexibility, tons of textures, lengths and color selection, to create the perfect style.

To Color or Not to Color?

You'll want to purchase your clip in extensions in a shade as close to your natural color as possible.  If you're making a total color change, we'll color your hair first and match your new color.  Clips in extensions are also an easy, non-chemical way of adding pops of fashion color, highlights or even rooted and balayage hues to your hair.

Toppers & Hair Pieces

toppers and hair pieces VA beach

The idea of a topper can be intimidating to some, but this beauty rocks it! ⁣Eliminate your fear and start living your life with full hair and confidence!

A topper can add volume to just the top of the head.  We've met women - and men - of all ages who have experienced noticeable thinning on top.  Come in for a free consultation and see what custom topper options work for you!

Benefits of  Toppers

  • Coverage that is customized to your specific needs
  • Allows for hair growth underneath

Brands We Use:

We work with brands such as HairUWear, Raquel Welch, Follea and others. We have clip in and tape in topper options!

To Color or Not to Color?

No matter where you purchased your piece, we can cut, color and highlight any topper that is made of human hair.

Fun with Hair Extensions

tinsel and feathers hair extensions siren stylist VA beachWhether you want to embellish your hair extensions, or mix in some sparkle with natural hair, you'll love these fun extras. They are technically hair extensions and can be attached using a hand tied, fusion or tape in method. They're pretty universal, so if you're already wearing hair extensions, they can be mixed with any type.

Clients love these options for homecoming, concerts, outdoor festivals...or even to show their team spirit at the big game.  Choose from:

  • Tinsel, mylar strands
  • Strands of crystals
  • Beads
  • Feathers

Don't forget about vivid and fantasy color extensions. We can get them in so many pre-colored shades and can them in strand by strand. You can add some fun highlights or even just around the face.  You don't have to do you entire head.  We may have your school/team colors on hand or we can custom color them.

Just tell us about your event and we can get creative together.


Frequent Questions About Our Hair Extensions

How much do hair extensions cost?
We get a lot of private messages asking how much do hair extensions cost?  As you can see in this shopping guide, there are several different types and brands of hair extensions to choose from.  Although we can't guess at a cost without seeing and talking to you first, this much we can tell you. The cost will depend on which type and brand of extensions we use, how much hair we use, if we need to custom color them before we  install, and if we need to adjust or highlight your base color before we install. It's impossible to ballpark an amount but hopefully this will give you an idea of how much hair extensions cost relative to each other.
Type of Hair Extensions Cost for Full Head
Clip Ins/Halo $$
Tape Ins $$$
Hand Tied Wefts/Natural Beaded Row Method $$$
Fusions/Great Lengths $$$$
Do you cut the hair extensions?
Yes, it is absolutely necessary to cut the hair extensions once they are installed in your hair.  This is what we call a "blended cut" and it is essential to trim the ends of the extensions, shape the perimeter of the style and add any necessary layers. It's included with the cost of my service. Without a blended haircut, your extensions won't look natural.
How long does it take to put in the hair extensions?
Well, it depends on what method we are using and if we're performing a hair color service along with the installation. Without any hair color, we can apply tape in hair extensions in an hour and a half. Installing the hair takes about 20 minutes, the rest of the time is for washing, drying, cutting and styling!  Fusion hair extensions, because they are a highly customized strand-by-strand application, are an all day job! We take our time on every bond ensuring it’s not too tight or large for the hair it’s being attached to, providing you with the most comfortable and damage free extension experience for months to come! The results are well worth the time spent in that chair! ⠀
Can you color my hair with the extensions in?
Just to be clear, quality human hair extensions can be colored, but there are limitations. You want to be as gentle as possible with your attachments.  With your extensions in, we can do a root touch up or refresh your highlights as new growth comes in.  We can even do an all-over color as long as that color is within a few shades.  It's not advisable to do heavy lightening with your extensions in.