jon renau hair toppers

We now offer Jon Renau hair toppers and wigs, available in human hair and heat resistant synthetics.

This is exciting news, and not just because Jon Renau is a renowned maker of high-quality hairpieces. Their selection of colors, textures, and lengths is unmatched. Since 1984, Jon Renau has created natural-looking, fashionable hairpieces for women. His pieces are known for their quality, fit, and style.

Jon Renau hair toppers (some call them partial wigs) are designed for women who are experiencing hair loss -  due to a variety of factors, at various stages - which is why his line is so diverse.

  • They are made with high-quality human hair or heat-resistant synthetic hair.
  • They look and feel very elegant.
  • They are available in a variety of sizes so that you get the right fit and coverage for your needs.
  • Their is a wide range of styles, textures and lengths, so you have MANY choices.
  • They are easy and comfortable to wear, so you never have to worry about how your hair looks!

If you are considering a hair topper or a wig, Jon Renau is a great brand to consider.

Why do we love Jon Renau?

We've been in this industry for years, and we know a good thing when we see it. Sure, there are other great brands when it comes to hair toppers and wigs, but here's what sets this line apart from the others.

  • Available in different sizes to accommodate the varying needs for coverage throughout the stages of hair loss.
  • Jon Renau offers lengths from 8" to 18" which we can then custom cut or layer into any style.
  • They come in a spectrum of beautiful shades, from solid naturals to rooted and highlighted shades.
  • Because the hair is high quality, the color can be further customized in salon.

Women come to us at different stages of their hair loss experience. Coverage needed at beginning stages is different than coverage needed in a more advanced stage. Some lines of hair toppers only have one size option. Whereas that may suit many people, it's not always the best fit for everyone. By adding Jon Renau to our lineup, we're opening up a world of possibilities.

These hairpieces do need to be ordered. However, we do have some toppers and even a few full wigs in the salon. You're welcome to come in to check them out, feel the quality, even try them on and get an idea of what they could do for your style. We can properly size you, order your piece, customize it, style it, and maintain it for you.

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