Change It Up with Clip-In Hair Extensions

When we want to look our best, every woman has her own hair and beauty routine to help her look and feel pulled together. Ask anyone in the industry what they pack in their bag of tricks and they'll undoubtedly confess to having at least one clip-in hair extension or even a full set. These versatile strands of glam are the silent champions in a woman's beauty tool kit. Ever wonder what clip in extensions could do for you?

hairdo hairuwear clip in extensions va beachClip ins are so much fun because they're instant and versatile. Add them to your style whenever you want to look great. Choose ones that are made with 100% quality human hair for exceptional style and wear-ability. We can enhance your look with a just few panels or several panels all around your head. And once we apply them for the first time, we'll cut them to blend in with your hair - even color them if you want. We'll label each piece so you know what goes where, and we'll show you how to put them on and take them off.

Clip In Extensions by HairUWear

We love HairUWear clips ins by Great Lengths. They offer clip ins in lengths up to 20" with 10 pieces in a pack! They come in a variety of popular shades AND they can be further customized in the salon. For women with fine hair, they offer their Fine Line, which creates a better blend and more realistic silhouette on hair that is fine, silky, or thinning.  They even offer clip in bangs, clip in ponytails...the flexibility is endless!

Tip: These are high quality and can stand up to months of daily wear - as long as you take them out at night. Or you can wear them only on occasion - in which case they'll last you for years! But treat your clip in extensions like a fine garment or designer purse. Store them in a duster or garment bag and lay them in a drawer or hang them up to protect them from dust or cosmetics and keep them tangle free.

What's so great about clip ins?

For those that love to experiment and try lots of different styles, you can add instant length and extra volume whenever the mood strikes. You can change your style as often as you change your mind. For those that struggle to get your hair to cooperate when you need to look great on short notice - these clip-ins can save the day.

Clip ins are designed for daily wear, not overnight. They look great and the hair feels super nice. But they are not made for 24/7 wear, so be sure to take them off before swimming, showering or sleeping. They are so easy - just put them on and style them along with your natural hair. Yes, you can even apply styling product, pull hair back, wear it up etc. And just like your regular hair, you will need to shampoo it about every 5-10 wears depending on how often you apply products.

Who should wear Clip In Extensions?

Clip in extensions are ideal for you if you love experimenting with styles and looks. With clip ins, you can indulge without commitment or a big investment.  They don't require any in-salon maintenance (you can carefully shampoo them at home) which makes them more budget-friendly than long wearing extensions.

Bridal Bliss: Effortless Elegance on Your Special Day

Every bride dreams of looking radiant and stunning on her wedding day. Clip-in hair extensions provide the ideal solution for achieving the desired length, volume, and texture without the commitment of permanent changes. From romantic updos to cascading curls, clip-in extensions offer versatility that enhances any bridal and bridesmaid hairstyle.

Beauty on a Budget: Affordability without Compromising Style

For women who want to elevate their hair game without breaking the bank, clip-in extensions are a budget-friendly alternative to permanent extensions. They also give you a glimpse into the world of hair extensions and the care they need, and perhaps help you decide if you're ready for a more permanent, longer-wearing type of extension.

Style Chameleons: Embrace Change with Ease

Women who love experimenting with their look understand the excitement of trying different hairstyles for different occasions. Clip-in extensions are the go-to choice for those who crave versatility. With Hairdo by HairUWear's range of clip-in extensions, you can effortlessly add length, some pops of color, or even the perfect wispy bangs– all in a matter of minutes.

Where can I buy quality clip ins?

Whether you're walking down the aisle or simply love experimenting with your style, schedule a free consultation.  We can talk about your style, give you a quote, and order your extensions if we don't have what you need on hand. When you order your extensions through us, we'll color match your hair and get the perfect shade for you, even order in lighter/darker shades if you want to add some dimension.

How much do high quality clip in extensions cost?

It will depend on the length and how many panels are needed to create your style but expect pricing for Hairdo by HairUWear to start at $450 - $500+, which would include the cost of hair, the first application and labeling, and a blended haircut. Customizing the hair color in salon would be an additional service fee.