Get the Perfect Cut & Style for Hair Extensions in VA Beach

When new clients contact the salon, sometimes they want to start with just a haircut because they're contemplating hair extensions and they have questions. We don’t mind this approach at all!  It gives us a chance to show them what a difference hair extensions can make. And did you know...there is a certain cutting technique we use to prepare your hair for extensions.

What’s the best haircut for me? 

The answer will depend on whether or not you're wearing hair extensions or plan to wear hair extensions soon.  Generally speaking the best haircut for you depends your face shape and features but also your personal preferences.  In cosmetology school, we are trained to accentuate the positives and detract from any areas you are concerned about. But don’t worry, if you’re coming in for a new look, we’re going to talk it through before we do any cutting. Let me know when booking an appointment if we should plan some extra time for a consultation.

Haircuts for Hair Extensions

There are a few types of haircuts specific to hair extensions.  First, there is the blended cut, which is a haircut we do after we have installed your hair extensions for the first time, or after your extensions have been reinstalled after a move-up appointment. A blended cut is our way of tapering the ends and blending in the extensions with rest of your haircut.  Then, there is the tidy cut, which is a haircut specific to fusion extensions during the maintenance we do in salon at the halfway point. The tidy cut is our way of freeing any shed hairs that are caught in the bonds.

Did you know there is also a tapered cut we do in order to prepare your natural hair for hair extensions. For best results, we prefer to apply hair extensions to hair with tapered ends rather than blunt ends. It helps the extensions blend in with your natural hair. So if you're planning a new set of extensions, even if you're in between and taking a break from hair extensions, we'll suggest a haircut with tapered ends.  This doesn't have a dramatic impact on the overall appearance of your hair, it's more of a technical difference. 

Haircuts for Long Hair

Of course!  Even long hair needs regular trims to eliminate split ends and keep hair looking healthy. We love adding movement to long hair by adding subtle layers, soft face framing side bags or even by bringing it up to shoulder length hair. We also love using hair extensions as filler to bring back that fullness that makes long hair so luscious looking.

We also have experience with adding hair extensions to women with natural curly or textured hair. Different brands of extensions offer different textures as well as hair from different geographic origins. It's important for hair extensions stylists to understand the differences in order to select hair that will match and blend in beautifully. Hair extensions can always be straightened and but starting with a wavy or curly texture to match your natural hair is key for best results.

Hair extensions for Short Hair

Are you impatient? Aren't we all! As long as your hair is at least 3 inches long, we can add hair extensions and take your short hairstyle to a medium or long style instantly. Your natural hair will continue to grow and your extensions will give you longer hair in a hurry. Hair extensions are kind of the opposite of a haircut, but we're just throwing it out there! Many women are surprised to learn that hair extensions can be applied to short hair.

Blowout with Hair Extensions

Absolutely. Let’s face it, there’s nothing like a professional blowout, especially if you're wearing hair extensions. Hair extensions require a gentle hand during a blowout so we use products and tools designed specifically hair extensions! Having someone else wash, dry and style your hair is one of life’s little luxuries. The blowout creates the foundation for a good style...and it's a chance for us to talk about your hair concerns and see how your bonds are holding up. Plus it's like a little tutorial. You'll see the tools and products we use and watch how we smooth, add volume, or direct cowlicks with just a dryer and a brush!

Haircuts for Hair Extensions

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