HairTalk Hair Extensions for the Holidays VA Beach

Holiday Fun with HairTalk Hair Extensions

Depending on your plans, there is a perfect-fit hair extension to take you from Halloween to New Year's Day with the lineup of top quality human hair extensions by HairTalk. As someone who personally wears them - and a master educator for HairTalk - here are my tips for how to choose which type of hair extensions will suit your planned activities

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HairTalk's Temporary Hair Extensions

These easy in-and-out pieces will become your go to accessory for Halloween looks, holiday parties or whenever the mood to dress things up strikes. Don't let the word temporary fool you.  These are high quality, single pieces that you apply and remove on your own, and they'll will last you for years if you treat it right.

Toppers add coverage to the top of the head. Toppers, or toppettes,  come in different sizes, shapes and styles, and they don't require any bonding or shaving. And with HairTalk, I can install them as either a clip in or tape in application! Of course, if I do a tape in application of your topper, it's not the kind you take off each night. You'll maintain it like tape in hair extensions.

Hairband is a single piece headband style that clips in to add cascading coverage all around the crown.

Bang In, easy clip in bangs matched to your own hair, give you the power to sport cute bangs at a moment's notice without cutting into your natural hair.

All these temporary styles come is lots of colors, like natural shades and even fashion colors. They can also be custom colored in salon because they are human hair.

FUN FACT: You can add temporary hair color to these pieces at home.

You can add non-permanent washable color using tinted hairsprays, even those fun Halloween shades, or color enhancing conditioners.  Just be careful! If the hair piece is light blonde, it will really soak in the color because blonde shades are more porous. After your event, wash the hairpiece with clarifying shampoo. Give it multiple shampoos if needed to remove any traces of the hair color.  Followup up with a moisturizing conditioner.

Fusion Hair Extensions for Long Lasting Wear

If you need your extensions to go the distance, keratin bond fusion hair extensions will last for 3-5 months with minimal salon maintenance. You can get your new set of fusion hair extensions now and keep them in for the holidays before they would need to come out. Perfect for wearing updos, braids, messy buns, and half up styles.

FUN FACT: Fusion Extensions can handle an active lifestyle.

HairTalk's Keratin Bond hair extensions will stand up to swimming, skiing and lounging on the beach but you will need to mindful of your bonds. Be sure to review my guide to hair extensions care.  View more style tips below and if headed some place warm, follow my summer guidelines for hair extensions.

Tape in Hair Extensions: Turn Heads at the Holiday Party

Tape in hair extensions by HairTalk are so natural, friends and family will think you grew out your hair over the summer. HairTalk's tape ins work for just about everyone, even if you have fine or thin hair. And if you like to pull your hair back or wear updos, there's HairTalk Plus. During the manufacturing process, strands of hair are drawn through the band for a more discreet bond, making it even easier to conceal wefts around the face and hairline.

FUN FACT: Tape in Hair Extensions are Reusable

Tape in hair extensions can be re-applied up to 3 times for a total wear time of 5 to 6 months. What many women don't realize is all that wear time can be split up. You can debut your new tape in hair extensions for Thanksgiving and Christmas, then have them removed. Take a little break and have them re-applied again for the Spring!

Tape in hair extensions will stand up to swimming, skiing and lounging on the beach. You will need to be mindful of your adhesive bonds, so be sure to view my style tips below and if headed some place warm, follow my summer guidelines for hair extensions.

Hand Tied Weft Extensions: Volume Control

Hand tied extensions, also called beaded row extensions, are really flexible for me to apply. I can choose different densities (machine finished vs hand finished), even different band sizes, so that I have lots of control for where and how I build your style. That let's me really fine tune the weight distribution and create a very natural look.

Long Lasting Wear, Reusable Hair

You can get 6 months of total wear out of your hand tied wefts. And just like with tape in extensions, the hair can be reused at a later time. You can definitely get from Thanksgiving to the New Year without coming in for any maintenance at all.  Take good care of your hair, you can probably stretch your total wear to Valentine's Day!

Hand Tied Weft Extensions are a good match for an active lifestyle.  If you're planning a holiday getaway, you won't have to worry so much about any bonds. Your hand tied wefts will stand up to swimming, skiing and lounging on the beach. Be sure to view my style tips below and if headed some place warm, follow my summer guidelines for hair extensions.

FUN FACT: Hand Tied Extensions Use Various Beaded Row Methods

Sure, they use a sew in method as the name implies, but most women don't realize that I can vary the type of beaded rows I make depending on your hair type and the style you want. Some use a thin nylon string, some use your own hair to create a cascading row of beads. Read about beaded row techniques on my blog.

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Styling Tips for Your Hair Extensions Over the Holidays

I wear a LOT of hair extensions year round, so these tips come from my own personal experience. Take these into consideration when wearing hair extensions over the holidays.

Avoid Updos the First Week

The first several days into your new set of hair extensions will be breaking in phase where you get used to your bonds. Your bonds will settle after a few days of new growth. You shouldn't feel any discomfort at all, but you may want to avoid jumping in to any updos during that time. Any additional pulling or tension could cause your updo to feel tight. So if you're planning a new set of extensions right before a big even, book the installation accordingly to allow for that break in phase.

Secure Hair Extensions Before Outdoor Activities

You want to avoid excess tangling caused by loose hair tossing around in the wind. When I wear hand tied wefts or fusions, I rely on braids because I know the bonds will conceal very well. When I go snowboarding, I make a center part and create either 2 french braids and secure my hair under my helmet. At the end of the day, I shake out my braids and have effortless, pretty waves in time for dinner.

The same is true for swimming or a day on the beach. If I'm on the beach or at the pool, I mist my hair with a spray bottle of leave in conditioner - or make my own with a spray bottle filled with purified water mixed with a moisturizing conditioner.  At the end f the day, I apply  clarifying shampoo then recondition by hair, and detangle. 

You can find more great tips in How to Care for Your Hair Extensions.