Tidy Cut: Midway Maintenance for Fusion Extensions

tidy cut maintenance for hair extensionsWhat is a Tidy Cut?

As my hair extensions clients can attest, I am fanatical about hair extensions. But my passion doesn't stop after the installation or the big reveal. I'm particular about maintenance. You've just invested in gorgeous hair, make it last.  And besides, matting and tangling is not a good look.

A tidy cut is a maintenance appointment midway into your fusion hair extensions. 

If you're wearing a set of fusion extensions, I highly recommend this. This is a great opportunity for me to check the fit and condition of your bonds and address any of your care concerns.  I'll trim your ends and go in between each and every bond and eliminate any shed hair trapped in your bonds to reduce the chances of matting or tangling.

This simple step will help extend the life of your fusion hair extensions and make your life so much easier.
Make sure you schedule your tidy cut appointment!

Book your tidy cut mid way fusion maintenance appointment at 6 weeks.