Get the Perfect Haircut
by Caitlin Essing, Master Stylist in VA Beach

trained at Michael O'Rourke's Institute of Courage for mastery of haircuts of all lengths, textures and styles

When new clients contact the salon, they want to know who’s the best fit for their particular hair type or concern. Often, they want to start with just a haircut and see how it goes. I don’t mind this approach at all!  It gives me a chance to get to know them and show them what a difference a haircut can make.

What’s the best haircut for me? 

The answer depends your face shape, features and your preferences. In cosmetology school, we are trained to assess your natural beauty and to create a hairstyle that will accentuate the positives and detract from any areas you are concerned about. But don’t worry, if you’re coming in for a new look, we’re going to talk it through before we do any cutting. Let me know when booking an appointment if we should plan some extra time for a consultation.

Are you good with long hair?

Of course!  Even long hair needs regular trims to eliminate split ends and keep hair looking healthy. I love reviving long hair by adding subtle layers, soft face framing side bags or even by bringing it up to shoulder length hair. 

Do you know how to cut curly hair?

Curly hair has it’s challenges, especially when it comes to cutting. Women with curly and coily hair are often very protective of their locks when it comes to getting a basic haircut. Only an experienced stylist knows how curly hair behaves, both when wet and when dry.  It’s important to understand curly hair before attempting to trim and shape it.  A stylist inexperienced with curly hair can make the mistake of creating unwanted volume or taking off too much length, as curls shrink as they dry. 

I need someone who does short hairstyles.

I get it, not everyone wears their hair long. Short hairstyles can be very feminine and chic. The trick is finding the right one for you. A short hairstyle may require more frequent trips to the salon in order to maintain your look, but imagine all the time you’ll save in the morning. Are you growing out a short style, layers or bangs?  I can take you from short to medium and beyond and show you how to have fun styling it in between.

Can I come in for just a Blowout?

Absolutely. Let’s face it, there’s nothing like a professional blowout. Having someone wash, dry and style your hair is one of life’s little luxuries. It’s also the foundation to a good style, and results can last for days. Taking the time to smooth, add volume, or direct cowlicks is so important to the finished look and it’s far easier to control these things when the hair is damp versus dry!  My blow dryer, along with a crazy amount of round brushes (they all do different things!) are my favorite accessories!

Here are some of my recent haircuts, blowouts and braids: