When it comes to hair extensions, I've applied, and personally worn, just about every make and model out there. You may wonder, with options like HairTalk Tapes and Great Lengths Fusions - a few of my absolute faves - if there is room in my heart for hand tied hair extensions! Hand sewn wefts certainly have their advantages.

For what it's worth, here's how I really feel about them and why. Hope you find this helpful!


Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions are the lightest extensions I've ever worn.

professional weft hair extensions caitlin essingPeople use the term "hand tied" differently in the extensions industry, so let me clarify. The hand tied extensions I offer use hand-finished wefts, vs machine finished wefts, and they attach to the hair using the natural beaded row (NBR) method. Hand-finishing the wefts along with the sew in application make these extensions super lightweight! Here's how it works. First I create a row of beads using string then I attach wefts of hair to the beads using a needle and thread.

This is a perfect row if I do say so myself! Minimal points of contact, close and flat to the scalp, is key for a natural look. 

When it comes to Hand Tied Wefts, there are two brands I use.

HairTalk Weft Extensions

You know I love HairTalk, I'm an educator for the brand, and when it comes to their hand tied extensions, there's no exception.  They are top quality, a joy to work with, and they look very natural.

Coco Marie Weft Extensions

I'm adding a new brand to my lineup. I've recently discovered an American brand from Colorado called Coco Marie. They too are made with 100% human Remy hair and come in lengths up to 28".  That's great news for women who want 6 more inches of extended length. They have a beautiful palette of pre-colored shades so I say the more the merrier.  When it comes to customizing your extensions, having lots of quality options is key! Starting in April 2022, I'll be offering these as an option at my salon.

I love the fullness and flexibility of hand tied weft extensions.

As a stylist, hand tied extensions really rise above when it comes to flexibility. Hand finished wefts are thinner and therefore more discreet - great for the hairline around the face. Machine finished wefts pack more density and can be cut and sized. For a stylist, that flexibility means customizable options and less fatigue. For clients, that means plush volume and less time in the chair.

These Hand Tied Extensions have an efficient installation.

Let's look closer at install time. After all, this is one of the main factors that influences the cost of the service. Installation time for hand tied weft extensions is pretty efficient, more so than you might think.  It takes about 45 minutes per row for an accomplished extensions artist, that’s a whole head in 1.5 to 2 hours.

Compare the time it takes to install a full head of hair extensions.

Type Installation Time
Tape Ins 1.5 to 2 hours
Fusions 4 hours +
Hand Tied Wefts 1.5 to 2 hours

They work for everyone.

Before deciding the best type of extensions for a client, I consider all factors. Hair thickness, lifestyle... even factors like dry vs oily. Hair that tends to be oily can make adhesives tacky over time which are painful to remove or cause bonds to slip. Excess scalp oil or even moisture is not an issue when wearing hand tied wefts. I can count on the hand tied method here because they’re attached with a strong nylon thread and a silicone bead that won’t slip or become tacky when exposed to moisture. 

Hand tied extensions can work for most hair density, from thick to thin. Although tape ins are extremely delicate and gentle on fine hair, the weigh distribution and minimal points of contact make hand tied extensions a great option for thin hair. Extensions that are packed with hair like these make wefts a great option for clients with thick hair too! Clients don’t have to spend as much time in the chair as with other methods since you can add more hair at one time with wefts!

A good match for an active lifestyle.

If you're like me, you stay active and don't want to worry about hurting your extensions.  Whether I'm taking the dogs on a hike, in a cycling class or snow boarding with my hubby, I don't want to feel guilty about hitting the shower afterwards.  If you frequently wet or wash your hair, hand tied extensions are up for the task. If you work out or prefer to wash your hair every morning, then hair tied extensions are a good match for you. With hand tied extensions, you don’t have to worry about any bonds.  With tape ins, the adhesive can weaken with excessive washing, and with fusions, the keratin bonds can swell and break down with excessive moisture.  So for active ladies, I recommend hand tied extensions.

When I say invisible, I mean invisible.

professional weft hair extensionsOne concern my clients raise is about bond visibility. As a professional stylist, of course my goal with any method is to make the attachments as invisible as possible! But when it comes to invisibility, I have to give credit where credit is due.  Hand tied wefts are never bulky and I can position them close to the scalp. And because they lay so flat against the head, they mimic your natural hair more than other types of extensions. Hand tied wefts literally look as if they were growing out of your own head! My clients who wear hair extensions can wear their hair up in a pony tail, in a bun or even parted down the middle with two braids.

I can really customize your color.

I customize your hand tied extensions in one of two ways, or a combination of both.  I can match your hair and desired color to palette of 23 pre-colored shades (which includes naturals, blondes, rooted shades and balayage) or I can color the extensions if necessary before I install them. After all, they are made of top quality 100% Remy human hair, so they can be dyed and highlighted just like your natural hair.

Extended total wear time.

You can get 6 months of wear out of them. They need to be removed and resewn into place every 6 weeks or so, but they are low maintenance and great for the active woman. Here's how they compare to other types of hair extensions.

Type of Extensions Typical Wear Time
Tape in Extensions 6 months
Fusion Extensions 3-4 months
Hand Tied Extensions 6 months+

They cost less than you think!

How much do hand tied hair extensions cost?  The cost will depend on how much hair you require, if the extensions need to be custom colored before they are installed, and if your desired look requires overall color or highlights before installation. It's impossible to quote an amount as the cost truly varies from person to person. What I can say for certain is that hand tied hair extensions are a happy medium, a middle ground on the cost spectrum. Similar to the cost of tape in extensions, hand tied wefts fall between clip ins/halo extensions and fusion extensions.

This will give you an idea of where hand tied extensions fall on the cost spectrum.

Type Cost for Full Head
Clip Ins/Halo $$
Tape Ins $$$
Hand Tied Wefts $$$
Fusions $$$$


Some of my favorite Before & Afters using Hand Tied Weft Extensions

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