For a hair extensions stylist, fusion hair extensions are the ultimate in creative control. Not only do these keratin bond hair extensions last up to 5-6 months, they are ideal for adding lots of length, come in 50+ pre-customized colors, and using varied attachment sizes, they can add volume around the hairline and crown without detection.


HairTalk hair extensions stand for quality, flexibility and beautiful color.

I've been working with HairTalk hair extensions for years so I was thrilled when they announced they were launching a line of keratin bond fusion extensions.  When it comes to hair extensions in general, HairTalk has got the technology down. Their keratin bonds are built to last and are gentle on the hair. And talk about a color palette! With over 55 shades, from natural to fashion colors, rooted and ombre shades, you may not need a custom color service for your extensions. I can mix and match packs of hair to add highlights, give the look of accent foils around the face, or add pops of bright colors. And unlike other leading fusion brands, HairTalk's ombre and rooted shades are available for no additional cost!

So let's talk premium quality. They check all the boxes in my book!

  • Made with 100% Human Hair from India
  • Strands flow in the same direction to prevent tangles and have consistent thickness from root to tip. No thin, sparse ends!
  • The keratin bonds are tiny and built to last.
  • Lengths up to 25" long
  • Available in 55+ in demand shades
  • Minimal in-salon maintenance, with hair lasting up to 5 months with appropriate care.

Who can wear fusion extensions?

Fusion hair extensions come in a "body wave" texture and are best for medium to thicker hair types. I usually don't recommend fusion hair extensions for fine or thinning hair. Those with delicate hair types or hose with that baby fine, slippery hair, I would suggest Tape-In hair extensions for best results.

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How are Fusion Hair Extensions installed?

Fusion hair extensions are fitted using a thermal application.  Each band of hair is fitted with a keratin bond and using low heat, the extensions will be ‘fused’ to very small sections of your natural hair. These tiny keratin bonds, known as the fusion bond, are very discreet and matte in texture.  You'll get a beautiful, natural look and no one will know they are there.

Will Fusion Extensions damage my hair?

It is important to choose a certified hair extensions stylist with experience applying, adjusting and removing fusion hair extensions. Applied properly, these keratin bond extensions are perfectly safe and if you follow my home care instructions, you won't have any problems. Honestly, most of the damage I see from fusion extensions are from trying to remove the bonds at home (never do that, please) or from neglect, and that includes keeping them in too long.

In Salon Maintenance for Fusion Extensions

Unlike other types of hair extensions that require "move up" appointments, fusion hair extensions are a one time wear. Instead of a move up, you'll come in for a checkup.  At around 6-8 weeks, the halfway point in the life of your fusions, you'll come in for a bond check. I'll inspect each bonds to make sure there are no tangles or matting, paying close attention for any shed hairs that are trapped in the bonds. It's perfectly natural to find these long loose hairs and I'll gently trim those away. After a bond check, I'll shampoo your hair and blow dry. And because you're at the halfway point, we'll talk about what happens next.  Removal or a new set.  Learn more about hair extensions maintenance.

How long does it take?

How long will you be in the chair? It depends on how much hair I'm installing, but you can use this comparison based on a the time it takes to install a full head of hair extensions of various types to get an idea.

Type Installation Time
Tape Ins 1.5 to 2 hours
Hand Tied Wefts 1.5 to 2 hours
Fusions 5 hours +

I can really customize your hair color with Fusion Hair Extensions, usually without any chemicals at all.

I customize your fusion extensions in one of two ways, or a combination of both. I can match your hair and desired color to HairTalk's selection of 55+ pre-colored shades, I can mix and match packs of hair to add highlights, or I can color the extensions if necessary before I install them. After all, they are made of top quality 100% Remy human hair, so they can be dyed and highlighted just like your natural hair.

  • Natural shades from dark to platinum
  • Rooted, ombre and balayage looks with dark root to light ends
  • Fashion Colors for intense and vivid colors

How long do fusion hair extensions last?

You can get up to 5 months of wear out of them. Once the hair is removed, it cannot be reapplied.

Type of Extensions Typical Wear Time
Tape in Extensions 6 months
Fusion Extensions 3-5 months
Hand Tied Extensions 6 months+

How much do Fusion Hair Extensions Cost?

The cost will depend on how much hair you require, if the extensions need to be custom colored before they are installed, and if your desired look requires overall color or highlights before installation. It's impossible to quote an amount as the cost truly varies from person to person.  This will give you an idea of where HairTalk fusion hair extensions fall on the cost spectrum as compare to other types.

Type Cost for Full Head
Clip Ins/Halo $$
Tape Ins $$$
Hand Tied Wefts $$$
HairTalk Fusions $$$$
Great Lengths $$$$

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