As the original innovators of tape in hair extensions, HairTalk is synonymous with technology. They are always bringing something new to the world of hair extensions. And as a Master Educator for the brand, I assure you, they have thought of everything. With this line of hair, the possibilities are truly endless.


HairTalk hair extensions stand for quality, flexibility and beautiful color.

The Hairtalk line of professional hair extensions is designed to give extension stylists like me total creative control. And HairTalk understands that every head of hair is different, they offer solutions for those with fine or fragile hair, and those with an active lifestyle. Because I can choose from different application methods, band sizes and weft densities, I can totally customize your extensions for a beautiful, natural look. It's no wonder HairTalk extensions are used by stylists around the globe and continue to be the leading professional hair extension brand in over 40 countries.

  • Top quality 100% Remy Human Hair from India which closely mimics European hair types
  • Hair has a slight wave which you can smooth out with a flat iron
  • A beautiful color palette of pre-colored shades including natural shades, rooted looks, balayage and more
  • Hair last up to 6 months or longer


3 Types of Hair Extensions:

 Tape In Extensions

Hand Tied Weft Extensions

Keratin Bond Fusion Extension

And as a master educator for HairTalk, I have years of experience with each type of attachment method.

NEW HairTalk Keratin Bond Fusion Extensions

HairTalk, innovators in the world of tape in hair extensions, has done it again. HairTalk set out to create a keratin bonded fusion hair extension that could be worn longer - and by more women. And now, I am able to offer you these new hair extensions as part of my fusion services.

Fusion Hair Extensions are highly customizable and ideal for women with medium to thicker hair.

These new fusion hair extensions are the same top quality you would expect from HairTalk. They are made with 100% Remy human hair with the cuticle intact fitted with discreet, matte bonds. And of course they come in a gorgeous color palette curated from the hottest colors, including natural shades, balayage and rooted shades, and fashion colors. The hair texture is in a “body wave” texture which makes it ideal for blending in with hair that has some natural texture.

Why I love these new Keratin Bond Fusion Extensions:

  • These keratin bonds are durable and with proper care, they can be worn up to 5 months
  • With 1 cm size bond, the application is very efficient. Less time in the chair.
  • Smaller attachments are available for adding discreet volume around the face, hairline and fringe area
  • Available in 13", 17", 21", 25" inch lengths
  • 55 shades pre-colored shades AND rooted and ombre shades are available for no additional cost, unlike other leading fusion brands
  • With their pre-tapered ends, I can blend them in seamlessly without sacrificing length

How long does a Fusion installation take?

How long will you be in the chair? It depends on how much hair I'm installing but with 1 cm band sizes, I can get you out f the chair faster than with other leading types of fusion extensions. And better yet, there is minimal in salon maintenance.

HairTalk's Tape In Extensions

HairTalk Tape in hair extensions attach using hypoallergenic adhesive bands which blend seamlessly with natural hair. I like that they lay flat so that I can apply them really close to the scalp and around the face and have a totally natural look. They come in lots of customization options.

  • Original: for adding natural looking length
  • Petite: for adding a little volume to fine hair, especially around the crown or to conceal thinning areas
  • Mini Strands: for adding volume around the hairline, or for adding highlights throughout the hair

Some of my favorite HairTalk Transformations with Their Tape In Collection

Tape-in extensions by HairTalk are a good fit for almost everyone.

Anyone can wear tape in extensions but I especially recommend them to my clients with fine, thinning or fragile hair because these are very lightweight, gentle on the hair.

Why I love HairTalk Tape In Extensions Collection:

  • Express application
  • Gentle on the hair, gentle removal too
  • Beautiful palette of Natural Shades, Blondes, Silvers, Reds, Color Melts/Balayage, Rooted Shades
  • Ombre effects with fashion colors, vivids and pastels
  • Synthetic blends for blues, purples and pink hair
  • Available in lengths from 13 to 25 inches

How long does a HairTalk Tape In installation take?

How long will you be in the chair? It depends on how much hair I'm installing, but typically takes me about an hour to apply a full head of tape in extensions. From there, I do a blended haircut so that your extensions are perfect.

Bang In by HairTalk is coming soon and I couldn't be more excited.

bang in hair extensions siren stylist VA beachMore than just a little fringe, these aren't your typical clip-in bangs. These are 100% human hair and ready to customize into your perfect bangs. Curtain bangs, side swept bangs, Cleopatra straight-across bangs...I can cut this 13" tapered weft into any style. And the versatility is crazy. These "bangs" attach at the top of the head so we can use these as a volume boosting topper to add fullness around the temples and sides-without or without cutting them into bangs. Are you growing our your bangs? This is your secret weapon! With Bang In, you can have the perfect bangs today while your natural hair grows out underneath. This lightweight, half-moon shaped piece pops in for daily wear and comes out at night. With proper care, this little investment with literally be at your side for years! Pricing starts around $400 which includes the first install, a mini training session and customization.

HairTalk Bang In clip in bangs VA beach


HairTalk Hand Tied Weft Extensions

With HairTalk Hand Tied Wefts, transforming your hair while accommodating your active lifestyle is easier than ever. And thanks to HairTalk's unique "instant beaded row" technology, this is the most efficient hand sewn application I know.

HairTalk Hand tied wefts are never bulky and I can position them close to the scalp so they literally look as if they were growing out of your own head! And that means maximum styling flexibility. My clients who wear hand tied wefts can wear their hair up in a pony tail, in a bun or even parted down the middle with two braids.

Some of my favorite HairTalk Transformations with their Hand Tied Wefts

Hand tied weft extensions are ideal for everyone, even those with an active lifestyle.

I tend to recommend hand tied wefts over tape in extensions for my clients who enjoy swimming, water sports, hot (sweaty!) yoga and working out. If you frequently wet or wash your hair, hand tied extensions are up for the task. If you work out or prefer to wash your hair every morning, then hair tied extensions are a good match for you. With tape ins, the adhesive can weaken with excessive wetting, sweating and washing. The same for hair that tends to be oily as the scalp's natural secretions can make adhesives tacky over time which can cause bonds to slip or lead to a painful removal process. Excess scalp oil is not an issue when wearing hand tied wefts.

Why I love the HairTalk Hand Tied Weft Collection:

  • Single density wefts allow me to layer colors and create the look of highlights and lowlights
  • Double density wefts pack twice the hair, allowing a faster application when less dimension is desired
  • Pre-strung beaded rows are perfectly spaced for uniform weight distribution and less time in the chair
  • 23 curated colors from natural shades to balayage and rooted shades
  • Can be custom colored and highlighted just like your natural hair.
  • Available in lengths from 14 to 22 inches

How long does a HairTalk Hand Tied Weft installation take?

How long will you be in the chair? It depends on how much hair I'm installing, but I usually use 1-3 rows on a typical installation. At 45 minutes per row, that's about 2 hours of install time. From there, I do a blended haircut so that your extensions are perfect.

Which HairTalk extensions are better for me?

That’s why I always stress the importance of a free hair extensions consultation so that I can see and feel your hair texture and recommend the best hair extensions for you. Book your free hair extensions consultation and we'll sit down one-on-one at the salon.

How much do HairTalk Extensions Cost?

The cost will depend on how much hair you require, if the extensions need to be custom colored before they are installed, and if your desired look requires overall color or highlights before installation. It's impossible to quote an amount as the cost truly varies from person to person.  This will give you an idea of where HairTalk extensions fall on the cost spectrum as compare to other types.

Type Cost for Full Head
Tape ins $$
Hand Tied Wefts $$$
Fusions $$$

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